Our history

The Firm was established in 1991 by 4 partners, Alexandre de Sousa Machado, Manuel Ferreira da Costa, Jaime Dória Cortesão and João Carlos Ferreira de Lima.
During its existence, SMFC has been growing organically and sustainably, both by integrating several of its trainees and by creating international alliances and partnerships with other firms, while resorting to hiring lawyers specialised in the areas required to meet the needs of our clients, which has proved critical for the preservation of the values that have always guided the Firm’s actions: ethics, excellence, trust and commitment to the client.
By making a multidisciplinary team available to our clients, we provide companies with services that we place under very stringent standards in terms of quality, to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of the current business universe.
The vast experience of SMFC – combined with the individual experience of each of the partners as isolated practice lawyers – allows us to represent top companies in a wide range of industries, among which the areas of mobile communications, IT, insurance, automobile, real estate, chemical and agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries stand out, as well as numerous private clients.
As for private clients, we intend to make a difference through excellence in service, availability and experience, needed to solve the multiple legal issues raised, albeit without ever forgetting the attention and understanding that more personal problems require.
We always seek to be ready to provide comprehensive legal advice, responding with the same quality and efficiency to the professional and personal demands of our clients.


Our values

The client’s interest is always central to all work carried out, which is governed by the following fundamental values:
ETHICS and transparency in all relations with our clients, avoiding conflicts of interest in representation.
We are guided by EXCELLENCE in each project that we take part in.
EFFICIENCY in the search for the optimal solution to each case and in a timely manner, with the aim of adding value to each client’s business.
Maintaining the TRUST of our clients with the uncompromising defence of their interests.
Total COMMITMENT to representing our clients and getting to know their activities.
Total AVAILABILITY in attendance and contact.
Always seek to know the activity of our clients in order to provide the best service.