We provide tax advice to national and international economic groups from a wide range of industries, as well as to private clients in the tax management of their investments and/or assets. Our advice also covers the follow-up of judicial or extrajudicial partition processes, due to divorce or death, and assistance in asset structuring and succession planning.

Regarding tax, we work together with other areas of practice at SMFC, namely, with the Corporate, Real Estate and Family and Probate teams, seeking to provide our clients with solutions adapted to their objectives that are fiscally efficient.

Tax advice to our clients includes, namely:

  • Accompanying the conception and execution of corporate restructuring operations;
  • Monitoring real estate operations;
  • Assessing the tax risk of operations designed by clients;
  • Tax optimisation, both nationally and internationally, within the framework of applicable international law instruments (e.g. EU Directives and Conventions to avoid Double Taxation);
  • Settling tax disputes and monitoring tax litigation procedures and processes;
  • Accompanying clients in the context of their change of residence (either abroad or to Portugal) – in particular under the Golden Visa programmes and the Non-Resident status.

In terms of tax litigation, we seek to provide advice based on pragmatic and innovative solutions, namely through:

  • Assessment of tax contingencies;
  • Definition of reaction strategies;
  • Consideration of the most appropriate, simple and quick means;
  • Follow-up of tax enforcement and reversal processes;
  • Advice on responding to lawsuits for tax offences.