Residence, Nationality and Foreign Investment

SMFC has a specialised team that assists foreign clients in processes related to obtaining Portuguese residence and nationality, namely applications for the granting of Visas and Residence Permits, with special focus on Residence Permits for Investment Activity (ARI), within the scope of the Golden Visa investment programme in Portugal. In the specific case of Golden Visas, we provide assistance, namely, when making the investment (whether real estate or capital investment), and when submitting the application for a Residence Permit for Investment Activity.

Likewise, we provide advice to foreign clients who wish to acquire Portuguese nationality, namely through the legal possibility of acquiring nationality through naturalisation provided for descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews.

Additionally, we advise clients who intend to reside in Portugal and obtain the Non-Resident status.

In any of the aforementioned cases, we also provide the necessary legal advice for investments in Portugal that clients intend to make.

This practice area integrates a multidisciplinary team with experience in the areas of Real Estate, Corporate and Tax Law.