Litigation and Arbitration

SMFC has litigation as one of its most significant areas of activity. Our experience covers all areas of litigation, be it civil, labour, commercial, insolvency, debt recovery, administrative, tax, criminal and offences.
Therein, we highlight the vast experience of out litigation teams in counselling all type of proceedings in a wide range of economic areas, in the monitoring of corporate clients in the area of telecommunications and services, as well as in debt recovery processes.
SMFC has been focusing heavily on arbitration, as an alternative dispute settlement solution, providing its clients with permanent support and high technical quality.
Several lawyers from the firm, namely on of its partners, have gained wide experience in arbitral proceedings, not only as representatives of the parties, but also as arbitrators, with SMFC participating in international and national arbitrations, in different areas of law.
The SMFC team is therefore prepared to represent its clients in national and international arbitration, under public or private law, in Portugal or abroad, making each arbitration process a serious commitment to act with the utmost diligence, competence and commitment, in the defence of the interests and rights of our clients.