Family and Probate

Our firm has a team with vast experience in Family and Probate Law.
With regard to Family Law, we provide assistance to our clients in a wide range of areas, such as divorce proceedings, legal separation, regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities, among others.
We conduct the negotiation aimed at obtaining a divorce agreement by mutual consent, always with the greatest willingness to reach consensus between the parties, namely through by preparing the legally required agreements, sharing of common assets of the couple and regulating the exercise of parental responsibilities. In situations where litigation is required, we assist our client throughout all procedural stages, as well as in the steps needed after the end of the process.
In each specific case, it is our priority to safeguard the best interests of our clients and, in processes involving regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities, safeguard the interest and future of the minors involved.
Within the scope of Probate Law, we provide our clients with an experienced team in resolving succession issues, with special emphasis on negotiating extrajudicial partition agreements and conducting inventory processes, but also on issues of asset structuring and succession planning, in conjunction with our Tax team. Also with regard to the planning of dispositions beyond death, namely in the preparation of wills, those responsible for this area have experience in the search and implementation of adequate solutions to the family and particular features of each case.
As these are particularly delicate matters for our clients, the lawyers who work in this area try to employ in each specific case, in addition to the necessary technical skills, the ever-essential human dimension.
In conjunction with our Corporate and Tax teams (as well as other branches of law that prove necessary in each case), we provide our clients with all assistance needed to manage assets within the scope of the so-called “family companies”.