Debt Recovery and Insolvency

The debt recovery area has followed the history of SMFC since the year of its foundation. With extensive experience in this area, SMFC has private and business clients, namely in financial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, insurance and other areas, with a significant number of processes, accompanying them from the questioning phase to the initiation of the competent lawsuit to the executive stage.

Critical importance is given to the negotiation process, aiming at a speedy extrajudicial debt recovery, making the use of the judicial route residual, with the consequent reduction of inherent costs.

In the judicial field, this area is composed of a team with vast experience in litigation in courts and arbitral tribunals.

We work closely with the client, allowing a debt recovery rate with a renowned level of success.

Debt recovery is also geared towards providing an adequate response to clients within the scope of Special Revitalisation and Insolvency Procedures, namely, in the defence of their credit rights and in accompanying company recovery and restructuring operations.